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You’re In! Here’s the Link to Your Asessment.

Are You Ready to Discover Yourself?

Below is the link to access your Sacred Self-Care Assessment. This 15 question, multiple choice quiz is designed to cut to the core of your self-care practice and provide an in-depth personal profile, along with recommendations for improvement if indicated.

Please be open and honest in your answers for the most accurate results. This assessment is CONFIDENTIAL, so please know that this is a safe space to truly delve into and support… YOU.

And finally – enjoy!

*If you don’t have flash enabled, the link may not launch upon clicking. Highlight the link & “click launch in a new tab” for access.


P.S. As a member of the “Inner Circle”, you’ll also receive exclusive weekly content to help enlighten, encourage and support you in living a healthy and fulfilled life – in being a Woman by Nature.