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Are You Willing to Give Yourself   8 weeks of Transformative Cleansing, Loving Affirmation and Deep Healing – in Order to Rediscover the Diamond Within?

Join this Soul-Shifting and healing Experience Before the Special Pricing Ends!








You were created with a purpose. 

It’s time to stop dimming your light.

Sister… I know that you have so much potential inside of you – for love, spirituality, accomplishment and contribution. But so many sisters are living as mere shadows of who they used to be – of who they are MEANT to be in this life, because they are bogged down with unresolved and unreleased pain…. quieting their voice so as not to make waves…. and suffering under the projections and expectations of others – instead of being in tune with their own SOUL.

Sis, I know you’ve been hurt… misunderstood and negated.


You’ve been told so often who you’re supposed to be and what you’re allowed to feel – that you’ve simply stopped showing up in your life, just to quiet the critics.

You may have fallen into a pit of people-pleasing, not owning your voice, and constantly wearing a mask over your true emotions, in order to keep others comfortable.

You may be struggling to overcome the impact of childhood abuse of neglect, knowing you are capable of great things, but plagued by self-doubt, and a unworthiness.

Or you’re that go-getter sister with big vision and fire in your soul to make a difference – but constant put downs, jealousy and people questioning “who do you think you are?”…. has made you start to question yourself too.

But my love, there is the possibility to re-ignite your light, cleanse and reconnect with your soul. You CAN rediscover and amplify the best parts of yourself, while polishing or releasing what does not serve – and I can show you how, Bi’ithnillah.



“The depth and quality of your audio sessions are unbelievable as they are a masterpiece….each and every one of them. I pray Allah continue to bless you, guide and guard you. May your light continue to shine, May Allah accept this as an act of ibadah for you and a means of attaining His jannah.

Personally, I have been immensely educated and blessed by your work. My perspectives have been broadened on so many topics. I’ve had a lot of amazing experiences, discoveries and learnings along the way. My vocabulary has expanded. I have connected with soul sisters both near to native home and in the diaspora. I have learnt from them and their life experiences while I have also been able to share some of mine in a safe space.”


Sister Sherifat

Soul Cleanse Alumni

 In the “Soul Cleanse”, we systematically deconstruct old negative beliefs, projections, and events – then cleanse and rebuild who you know yourself to be – based on the words and guidance of your LORD.


This liberating and transformative journey has been extended to 8 weeks (was 6) and includes…

Support to Cleanse, Release, Plant, Cultivate & Elevate.

Support to Cleanse, Release, Plant, Cultivate & Elevate.

I know you’re ready to enter a new season of your life – one where sadness, anger, blame, shame and regret have no place.

During the “Soul cleanse”, you’ll embark upon a guided 6 (now 8!) week journey of confronting – then letting go of what has kept you stuck. Weekly coaching and personalized “Hot Seat” sessions support you in peeling back the layers and discovering the true diamond within. It’s time.


Daily "Soul Balm".

Daily "Soul Balm".

Each lesson contains deeply meaningful and transformational ayaat specifically selected to help you excavate, shine, and elevate your soul connection.

“Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth..” and in His words we find solace, direction and correction. Truly a balm and cleanser for the soul.


 Developing Your Own "Soul Commitments"

Developing Your Own "Soul Commitments"

This is where you take a stand for YOU, and declare (and document) what you are committed to going forward – and what you’re no longer allowing to hold you hostage.

When witnessed by a tribe of loving and supportive sisters – the power of this tool is magnified.

 "Soul Whispers" Audio Classes.

"Soul Whispers" Audio Classes.

There are many personal development tools, but sometimes we need to cut to the chase and speak directly to the core of who we are – the soul.

Laser focused, soul stirring classes 2x a week – as well as motivational content to to help you reconnect to your soul, deepen your self awareness, shed negativity and embrace your inner knowing (fitra). You were created for a purpose – ON PURPOSE. Let’s discover it together.


Daily "Soul Affirmations"

Daily "Soul Affirmations"

Never wait for others to affirm you. With each lesson, you’ll craft deeply personal affirmations will help to counter negative self-perceptions, build confidence, and create a container of possibility. Your inner dialogue greatly influences your outer reality. Speak LIFE into your soul.


Daily "Soul Dua"

Daily "Soul Dua"

Any success we gain is by Allah’s permission and mercy. For every area of challenge or aspiration, you will be guided to develop a personal dua. When compiled, these adiyah will represent the deepest desires and needs of your soul, which you can use in your ibaadah going forward.

I’ll also be sharing the most effective means/ways of dua, as well as my own adiyah, personal rituals and routines.

The Journey Begins Soon…

Every year you vow that “this” will be the year that you stop letting old pain, behaviors and insecurities to hold you back. Are you ready to finally live from the highest part of yourself, and show the world who you truly are?

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Are you ready?

“I signed up for private on on one coaching with Sister Khadija and upon learning more about my struggles, she suggested that this program would complement our work together. I signed up right away, because I always trust Sister Khadija’s recommendations. My soul can decipher that her intentions come from a place of honoring other Muslimah’s souls, and that she takes the amaanah very seriously, Ma shaa Allah.

Ma shaa Allah, I loved the in depth recorded sessions. I love the examples from Quran, Ahadith, and the richness of each example. I always learn something from these lessons that makes me a better person, and a better Musliah.

I loved the sisters group. It was a beautiful space for like minded souls. Sister Khadija’s live feedback is always on point and digs DEEP. Ma shaa Allah, she adds a lot more value than what the program costs and goes above and beyond as well in guiding you through all of the beautiful lessons.”

Sister Nadia, Soul Cleanse & Soul Cleanse Select Alumni

“During the training, I had the privilege of learning a lot of concepts which helped me to shift my mindset, reminded me to begin to rededicate myself to my Lord , helped me to reconnect to little girl within (oh how powerful and beautiful that was). I would say this was one of my AHA moments. I loved the “you are enough” session as well, but the two biggest for me was the “staying in action” and the “releasing the comparison and impostor” session. They both spoke to me so deeply, the experience was mind-blowing.

This has paved way to my life long continuous personal and spiritual development. The course has blessed me in so many ways, knowledge, coach, soul sisters and a haven from which to continuously fill from ma shaa Allah.”

Sister Sherifat,

Sisterhood, Support, Transformation

The healing journey can be a lonely one. But in this tribe, you are seen, heard, and supported. Your Coach and fellow Soul-Sisters are here to hold space for your self -discovery, release and rebirth. There’s no safer space in which to find yourself.

Cleanse Details

Start Date: October 24, 2022 – lasting 8 weeks, In shaa Allah.

Private Coaching Option (optional): Limited to 4 sisters, 2 sessions/month.

Program Availability:
Limited, so as to maintain an intimate environment.
Location: 100% online, accessible from anywhere in the world!

Love, support, sisterhood, and transformation guaranteed! 



Isn’t it time?

Sis, I know you’ve been seeking – searching, for a safe space in order to lay down your cape and focus on your own healing and correction for a change. You’re there for everyone else in your life – isn’t it time you gave back to YOU?

Join myself and a dynamic group of sisters in this unique and transformative experience. My ladies experience such profound transformation and loving sisterhood, that they often say they wish the course would never end!

“The soul cleanse” is a wonderful programme. Your voice touch the heart so deeply. The course provides the seeds for the transformation that every sister needs.

The transformation that bring us closer to Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala), with a more content and satisfied heart. My dear Sister Khadijah, from my soul to your soul: Thank you! 😉
Sister Dounia,

Soul Cleanse Alumni

“To those sisters who are unsure whether it’s worth it or not, this program and Coach takes you from the inside out and helps you transform – by Allah’s permission, into your best and true self.  This is not about perfection, because we know there is no such thing. Sister Khadija meets you where you’re at and doesn’t criticize, but guides and motivated you to be better in every way.

Coach Khadija allows you to grow, helps you to activate tools you already have – while providing you with more. She urges you to climb your personal “mountain” and cheers you along the way. Most importantly – you find yourself cheering, empowered to traverse the healing path and tackle any challenges to come!”

Ummu Asiyah, Soul Cleanse & Soul Cleanse Select Alumni