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Raise your girls to be a diamond, so that the world is less likely to chip away at her

Raise your girls to be a diamond, so that the world is less likely to chip away at her

“Raise your girls to be a DIAMOND, so that the world is less likely to chip away at her”

It can no longer be denied that females – and especially young girls, are suffering from an epidemic of poor self-esteem, peer pressure, over-sexualization, poor decision making, lack of confidence, poor role models, increased promiscuity – and the list goes on.

Society in general is on the decline, and unfortunately, it is affecting our Muslim girls as well. This is why it’s important – now more than ever, to instill Islamic values and a high sense of self-worth in our young girls. To teach them to be diamonds, as Allah created them to be.

I always use the “Diamond Analogy” when working with young girls, as it clearly illustrates their inherit value. The {preserved} diamond is the Queen of gemstones and valued beyond all else – as our young girls and women should be. However, they will never know the depth of their flawless beauty, unless we teach them.


Just some of the characteristics of a diamond, that we should instill in our daughters include:


<>Diamonds are strong and unbreakable even under pressure – they just become more clear and beautiful. As Muslim women, we must teach our girls that our tests are from Allah, as a means of purification, just as pressure turns coal into a diamond.

<> A diamond is in no way confused about its worth. Similarly, our girls must be confidant and reared to embody the highest of quality & understand their immense value and lofty position as female slaves of Allah.

<> A flawless diamond lacks blemishes, and so should our girls. Bad character, hard hearts and stinginess can make even the most beautiful female unattractive. A diamond girl strives to be flawless on the inside, which radiates outward.

<> A diamond is highly coveted for its immense beauty and value, however it is not to be handled and passed around freely. The brilliance of a diamond is kept swathed in velvet and encased in glass – only displayed on special occasions and to those who have earned the privilege (the halal males in their life)

<>A diamond’s beauty speaks for itself. It doesn’t need to try to be “seen”, improve upon itself, or change its nature to be deemed beautiful. It simply is.

<> Diamonds shine brightly from within, as should our young ladies – inshaAllah earning the blessing of Allah and the eventual abode of Jannah, by having a pure, shining soul.

<> Diamonds are given as an expression of love, and similarly possessing a loving, positive demeanor is something we should strive for.

<> Diamonds are cool under pressure, and do not need to stoop or lower themselves in unnecessary argument, crass behavior, or any actions unbecoming of their lofty status. Diamonds do not play in the mud.

<> A diamond knows that when all else crumbles and succumbs to the tricks and delusions of the dunya, she still shines brightly – a beacon for others and a manifestation of Islam.



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Sister Khadija Abdus Sabur is a Transformational Coach who works with Muslim women to peel back the layers, heal old wounds and rekindle a deep sense of self-love, spirituality, and purpose - which allows them to stand up, show up, and level up in every area of life. Sister Khadija supports dynamic women who are looking to overcome their inner obstacles and commit to filling their cup first, in order to live out and share their true potential with the world. Who do you know in need of this type of transformation?

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