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{Audio} Episode 007: Intentionally Benefiting from the Mawasim Al Khair – the Seasons of Good.

{Audio} Episode 007: Intentionally Benefiting from the Mawasim Al Khair – the Seasons of Good.

As salaamu alaikum sister, and welcome back to Woman by Nature Radio!


At the time of this episode, Ramadan is just a month away… are you as excited as I am?

Ma shaa Allah, we all know the tremendous blessing and benefits of Ramadan, but what I want to share with you today, is that we actually have an entire SEASON of good ahead of us.

That means more opportunities for spiritual cleansing, for ibaadah, for forgiveness, and for the magnification of our good deeds, In shaa Allah. I’ll also share with you, how out of Allah’s mercy – He has made this season of good span for the majority of the year! You definitely don’t want to miss this one.

Episode 007: Intentionally Benefiting From the Mawasim Al Khair - The Seasons of Good

by Khadija Abdus Sabur | Woman by Nature Radio

Discussed in this episode:

– How from Allah’s mercy and wisdom, we are actually in a 7 month long “season of good” (it’s more than jusst the 4 “sacred” months).

– The hallmark and benefits of each month within this season, and how you can benefit in each.

– The common myth of fasting in Sha’ban vs. Rajab.

– The increased weight of deeds done in these months – both good and bad.

– The importance of looking at each year/season as a stepping stone or upward trajectory (example of a staircase).


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About The Author


Sister Khadija Abdus Sabur is a Transformational Coach who works with Muslim women to peel back the layers, heal old wounds and rekindle a deep sense of self-love, spirituality, and purpose - which allows them to stand up, show up, and level up in every area of life. Sister Khadija supports dynamic women who are looking to overcome their inner obstacles and commit to filling their cup first, in order to live out and share their true potential with the world. Who do you know in need of this type of transformation?


  1. Ilhem

    MashaAllah your articles never disappoint you always touch my heart with your words sister. As if you knew me already

    • Khadija

      Jazakillahu khair for your feedback dear sister! Alhamdulillah for any good I am able to share with my sisters. And I do know you… because at our core, we are all the same and in need of the same things for our success.

      May Allah bless you with much good in this blessed season, and accept your Ramadan, ameen!


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