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Soul Chat Episode 1: Contemplating 2020 and Beyond – A Call for the Return to the Soul

Soul Chat Episode 1: Contemplating 2020 and Beyond – A Call for the Return to the Soul


As salaamu alaikum my dear sister, and welcome  to Soul Chat with Khadija –  where we’re healing hearts… reclaiming souls… and transforming the lives of Muslim women, Bi’ithnillah.

In this episode of Soul Chat, I share my thoughts and reflections on the roller coaster of a year that we’ve all just experienced – and which isn’t over yet. It’s been a bumpy ride… but if we pay attention, 2020 also contained a profound gift.


I’m very passionate about the power of deep reflection, introspection, and examining events and patterns, in order to excavate the jewels of wisdom they contain for our lives…  to help us to live more purposefully, grow in our understanding and BEING, and to connect more closely to our Lord and our journey towards Him. 

So In this episode, before moving onto a bevy of topics I have planned for future episodes, I want to hold space for us to contemplate, process, and glean some wisdom from the wild ride that was 2020.


Discussed in this episode:

The important of developing the mindset/soulset of a “seeker” and allowing yourself the time and space to reflect deeply on personal and world events.

How the trials we experience are meant to grow and expand as a person, a woman, and a slave of Allah – not to build a fortress and hide out from the world.

– How so much of what we’re experiencing individually and as a collective, is in essence a disconnection from the soul.

– The many ways this “soul disconnection” shows up not only in the world, but in our emotional & mental state, our relationships, our activities and pursuits – and especially in our ability to worship our Lord.

– The plan of Shaytan to disrupt our soul connection, and the critical importance of fighting back – consciously and consistently.

– How YOU are the change you seek, but you have to be willing to activate your inner “hero” and let go of pain, confusion, and perceived limitations, in order to be part of the solution.

– How our journey to return to Allah… return to the soul in THIS life, has a direct impact on our outcome in the afterlife.

– A rallying cry to return to the soul.


Enjoy and share with other sisters! 



Your Coach and Soul Sister in the Journey,



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Sister Khadija Abdus Sabur is a Transformational Coach who works with Muslim women to peel back the layers, heal old wounds and rekindle a deep sense of self-love, spirituality, and purpose - which allows them to stand up, show up, and level up in every area of life. Sister Khadija supports dynamic women who are looking to overcome their inner obstacles and commit to filling their cup first, in order to live out and share their true potential with the world. Who do you know in need of this type of transformation?

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