As salaamu alaikum sister, and welcome to the second episode of Woman by Nature Radio! I appreciate you’re spending time with me today and I have a lot of good content to share with you InshaAllah.

If you missed out on Episode 001, where I lay the foundation for this series – and let you in on why “living your purpose changes EVERYTHING” – click here to listen in.

In this installment, we delve deep into the human psyche and I share my observations on the main reasons we (and perhaps you?) remain stuck, why we tend to struggle in life – and not achieve the happiness, progress, accomplishment, and love we desire.

To say that this episode will provide a LOT of food for though is an understatement. I guarantee that you’ll walk away with a totally new way of viewing your challenges, and ideas for turning the corner to a move positive and purposeful way of living – of BEing, InshaAllah.

Listen in below:

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Episode 002: Are you your biggest obstacle in life?

by Khadija Abdus Sabur | Woman by Nature Radio


Discussed in this episode:

– Why asking yourself deep- sometimes uncomfortable questions, is the pathway to your biggest success in life.

– The percentage of women who feel as if they’re struggling in life

– The #1 mindset that keeps people (you and me) stuck

– Why some people cling to painful situations, even though they have the ability to improve

– Why women cling to toxic situations (and people), even though they KNOW it’s killing them mentally, physically, and spiritually.

– Why some people won’t change, no matter what resources and support they are offered.

– How perfection is not the goal – and what is.

– An invitation to pull out of the downward spiral, and move toward positive change.