Why are Twinkies Cheaper than Carrots?

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Has money ever stood in the way of you eating healthier?

When we talk about adopting a healthy lifestyle and eating more nutrient dense foods, the price of eating natural or organic is often brought up as a deterrent.Many people have said to themselves”I’d love to eat healthier, but it’s SO expensive!” Well talk about why that isn’t always the case and provide some inexpensive solutions in a separate post. But for now, take a minute to learn exactly why it’s often cheaper to eat a Twinkie than a carrot.

And while some of the gourmet healthy food can run a tad high, it’s important to realize why it’s sometimes more expensive to find healthier staples. With that knowledge,  we become empowered and use our collective buying power to actively support initiatives that help level the playing field.

Below is an excellent quick video (less than 2 minutes) where Michael Pollan – Bestselling writer, NPR guest and food politics commentator explains in simple terms why it’s often cheaper to buy junk food than it is to get healthier alternatives.

And while the deck is currently stacked from a policy perspective, there are things that you can do to come out on top. Join a CSA (community sponsored agriculture) or food co-op in your community. These are organizations where you and other residents join together to support local farmers and as a result get fresh organic produce at a lower price than the supermarket – truly a win/win situation.


Also, support legislation, as well as the initiatives in your community and your child’s school to make healthier options the norm and affordable for all. As Muslims, we rally around many causes, but protecting the sanctity of the body that Allah has blessed us with and working to preserve His bounty on earth is our responsibility as well. By doing so, we will help to ensure the health of not only ourselves, but generations to come inshaAllah.


“Why Twinkies Cost Less Than Carrots”






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