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What is a “Woman by Nature”?

I’d like to take a moment to explain the name “Woman by Nature“, for those who may be curious.

This is the name of my company and one that I love dearly because of what it embodies – and I have literally held onto it since 2006. It was first used for a natural skin care line I developed, and it so embodied my wellness philosophy, that I’ve been waiting since then for the next opportunity to once again put it to good use – which by Allah’s Mercy, I am doing now.

Woman by Nature is not just representative of a Holistic Health and Lifestyle brand- it’s also (with the permission of Allah) a Muslimah cultivation and self-actualization vehicle.


When I think of the term “Woman by Nature”, two very distinct- yet complimentary pictures come to mind:

One is a woman who has embraced (or is on the journey) and learned how to benefit from the bounty that Allah has placed on earth- from food and drink, potent natural medicines, and rejuvenating means of self-care. This woman also understands the power in cultivating her feminine intuition, going within and embracing introspection and also in understanding that she is a beautiful and powerful vehicle of life, love and cultivation of the next generation.


The second – and perhaps more important image that the term “Woman by Nature” conjures, is the idea that as women, although we are as different as the snowflakes that fall from the sky- we are united upon our Fitrah- the nature with which Allah Subhaana wa Ta’ala created us. When we truly cut through the influence of society, insecurity, competitiveness, loneliness, dissatisfaction, and seeking other than it to validate us- our Fitrah is there to guide us back to our true selves, if Allah is merciful.


So these two elements- letting go of toxicity (food, thoughts, and disease causing behavior) and using the bounty of nature to promote health and wellness… coupled with welcoming in the discovery and cultivation of our core essence as female slaves of The Most High- this is what this site is all about.


So with that said, inshaAllah you will see an eclectic mix of health related posts, quotes, recipes, motivation- and yes, even love letters to your highest self… my highest self – as we all strive to actualize and embody the example of a righteous and healthy Muslim woman, inshaAllah.

And to that end, please know that any content that is shared is truly from my heart to yours- whether a beauty recipe or a reminder of our desired character as Muslim women and girls. As one of 6 sisters – and having grown up in a thriving Muslim community (Alhamdulillah), sisterhood and being of aid to each other is something deeply rooted in my heart. We are all walking the same path- seeking the same destination, by the Mercy of Allah.

Sometimes sweet words and beautiful reminders will help us to get there, at others it may require straight talk and hard work- but know that it is all offered with love… just the same as if it was offered up to my very own sisters.

And finally, this work is the embodiment of both of my parents, may Allah bless them and grant them long lives in His pleasure. You see, I learned about alfalfa sprouts, raw honey, veggie wraps, natural remedies, and green juice from my mother as a child- way before it was all the rage. Her quintessentially natural vibe, attention to aesthetics, infectious laughter and belief that no matter what- you can ALWAYS act with class, shapes much of who I am and what I try to put out into the world, with the permission of Allah.

And from my father- may Allah preserve him and grant him much success, I learned to uncompromisingly stand for and speak the truth- even if it costs you financially or in friendships. To truly make Islam a way of life, to always do your best in honor of the gifts and blessings Allah has endowed you with. To take pleasure in the little things – but always seek quality. To serve the community as a means of serving our Lord.

So this – “Woman by Nature”, is my offering to you my dear sister. My humble attempt to build on this legacy. To raise both you and I collectively… to become a vibrant, healthy, spiritually rich, connected by ONE womb, holding onto ONE rope– Muslim woman. Woman by Nature.




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Sister Khadija is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach with 15 years’ experience in both traditional and holistic wellness therapies. A lover of alternative health, natural beauty, detoxification and nutrition, “Woman by Nature” was founded (originally in 2006) to help Muslim women learn Whol-istic principles and tools to uncover their best selves- mind, body and spirit – with the help of Allah.