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“There is no obedience to the Creation, in Disobedience to the Creator”

“There is no obedience to the Creation, in Disobedience to the Creator”


The Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) was reported to have said:

“There is no obedience to the Creation, in Disobedience to the Creator”

Musnad of Imam Ahmed 1098


Some studies have shown that humans may be required to make up to 5,000 decisions a day. We are called to make choices regarding our children, spouse, religious obligations, job, personal pursuits, conflicts, ect. – Literally every minute of the day.


Due to the nature of life, many of those decisions and actions are reactive – made in response to a request, a conflict, or a particular circumstance. These decisions are often fear/anxiety driven, as we try to select the best response in order to “put out a fire”, or avoid a future conflict, problem, or confrontation. However, when doing so, we have to ensure that our response is not just what will quell an uncomfortable situation, or make someone happy with us – but that it is the decision that Allah would be most pleased with.

“There is no obedience to the Creation, in Disobedience to the Creator”


When you’re face to face with someone, or dealing with a difficult decision, shaytan can come to us and whisper for us to take the easy way out. However, you will see that obeying, or seeking to mollify a person in this dunya – in opposition to what Allah would find pleasing, will ultimately backfire.

How often is it that we hear people say:


–> How could they do this to me, when I did ______ for them, even though I shouldn’t have??

–> Why does it seem like I’m cursed – nothing seems to go right for me??

–> I must not have good decision making skills – they always end up in disaster.

–> I was just trying to make him/her happy!

–> I’m having a horrible week/month/year!

–> I thought if I did ____, I would get _____

–> I was going to correct it later, I swear!

–> I didn’t think anyone would find out.

…. And so on.


Many of these frustrations are the direct result of making decisions and carrying out actions that while they may “temporarily” seem to please the people, are displeasing to Allah – so the end result is misery and frustration.


On the other hand, judging situations and striving to make decisions from the perspective of what would be most pleasing to Allah – despite what people may think, is the road to success. Yes, you may have people who are unhappy with you. You may even have some who cease to associate with you, because you are no longer co-signing their disobedience, or catering to their calls for you to do things that you know are wrong. And that is perfectly OK.


When you strive to make moves based on what is pleasing to Allah – decision making actually becomes considerably easier. There is less frustration – less “should I, should I not??” You are able to make decisions with a clear head and heart, and ultimately Allah will reward you for that and make easy for you your affairs.


Have you ever seen someone who seems to have an inner peace that people can’t seem to understand? It comes from living life in this manner. They may even be dealing with hardship – or be someone who is looked down upon by others. However, in their heart, they feel like the richest person on earth – because they are secure in the knowledge that Allah is pleased with them, and have no need for the (often passing) adulation of the people. I’ve met a few people like this in my lifetime – and MashaAllah, they are beautiful to behold.


May Allah grant us the strength to act according to what He deems correct, and not fall into the error of striving to please the people, which can never lead to success. Allahuma amen.



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