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“The Self{ish} Project” Helped Me Ditch Negative Self-Talk, Boost My Self-Esteem & Embrace my Role as a Servant of Allah!

MashaAllah, “Sister T” sent this beautiful unsolicited email, after going through our emotional wellness course “The Self{ish} Project”.

Assalaamu’alaikunna warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuh!♡

MashaAllah, I have truly been helped by sister Khadijah’s Self-{ish} Project Alhmdulillaah!

The program opened the door for me to reprogram my negative self-talk Alhmdulillaah. I have tried many times before to tackle this issue, but there was a number of reasons that I was not able to be successful:

– My biggest issue was my lack of correct tarbiyyah by Allaah’s Will, then…

– People around me, who cause me to doubt myself.

– Also, my lack of drive & low self-esteem constantly caused me to feel down and speak negatively towards myself, and reinforce my belief that I was not worthy of love…& so on!

But Alhamdulillaah, this has changed because of the following:

– Sister Khadija’s sincere love for Allah’s sake

– The tremendously helpful lessons, which mixed much needed profound knowledge of Islam and a holistic wellness approach for sisters in need;

– And most of all, her wisdom (mashaAllah) and tawfeeq granted by Allah to guide us towards the light of Islaam.

We are taught in the course that our actual goal is to gain health by being a grateful, patient and Obedient slave of Allaah – by our constant strive to purify our hearts from all diseases (especially serious lack of our tawakkul, sabr & shukr), and to maintain a sound body as well, so that we can use this bounty of good health in Allah’s obedience.

I’ve started the lessons of The Selfish Project Alhmdulillaah & have been encouraging many sisters to join as well. I feel that in today’s Ummah, Sister Khadijah is a UNIQUE blessing from Allaah Subhana wa Ta’ala,  whom Allaah enabled to help us figure out our core diseases & in teaching us how to heal those, helps guide us towards the light of Iman.

This is done by attaching our souls to our Lord, cultivating patience, and seeing our life, tests & flaws as reasons and a means to strive more in pleasing Allaah Subhana wa Ta’ala.

Many of us never received this kind of guidance in life – of using Self Care and self-awareness as a means of pleasing Allah and taking care of what He has blessed us with. Or we might have the knowledge, but didn’t know how to start thinking about our lives on a larger level and knowing that we are indeed worthy and able to seek Allah’s pleasure in every breath we take Alhmdulillaah!

May Allaah reward Sister Khadija for her work in the Ummah and include our hasanaat (good deeds) in her meezaan for helping us in Allaah’s obedience~reviving our hearts with true love for Allah’s sake! ♡ Aameeen!!!

Assalaamu’alaikunna wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu,

Sister T.

If you’d like to be supported along a journey of self-care and increasing your connection to Allah, you can learn more and register for the Self{ish} Project here.