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Tame Eczema and Achieve Beautiful Skin – Naturally


Eczema may not be a common topic of discussion when lunching with your sister-friends, but it is one that many women – and their children deal with.


Whether it’s a severely itchy scalp, scaly patches on your arms and hands, or a heightened sensitivity to every detergent under the sun- you are not alone. So in this post, I’ll talk about the underlying  cause of eczema, how to reduce flare-ups and the absolute best creams and lotions to sooth your inflamed skin.


Before we talk about possible remedies,  let’s get a good understanding of what eczema is. That nasty rash is your body’s allergic inflammatory response to an undesirable item or state of being. This can be stress, food allergies, environmental toxins, a compromised immune system, harsh detergents, medication- you name it. The human body is remarkable in that it will usually give us a clue when there is trouble. We simply have to listen.


If you’re dealing with Eczema, the first area I recommend investigating is your diet. People are constantly amazed at how a few changes to their grocery list can dramatically impact their health. It is well know that food allergies can cause a host of internal and external problems, eczema being amongst them.


The most common culprits found in your fridge are:

Wheat. Twenty years ago no one ever heard of the “Gluten Free Diet.” However, our increased consumption of wheat and barley flour  – (and the increase in pesticides usage and prevalence of genetically modified crops) has caused a collective overload. If you are experiencing eczema symptoms, it may be beneficial to eliminate  your favorite cakes and cookies. The good news is that there are now many gluten free products available that taste great – just beware of the options with a high sugar content.


Dairy is one of the biggest culprits. This common item causes an adverse affect in about 75% of people who consume it. The problems range from bloating to congestion – and yes eczema. Substituting rice or almond milk ( I don’t recommend soy for many reasons) in the place of cow’s milk may make a world of difference. Don’t worry about having to give up ice cream. There are great tasting dairy-free versions that won’t trigger your allergies and result in an eczema flareup.


While fruit is great for your overall health, acidic fruit such as lemons, oranges and tomatoes are a no-no for the eczema prone. These fruits tend to make a rash worse, especially around the mouth.


There are other foods that can trigger an immune response, such as seafood, chocolate, and peanuts. The trick is to isolate exactly which food is causing the problem. You can ask your doctor to perform wide range allergy tests, or try the more convenient at-home elimination method. Try removing one of the foods mentioned from your diet for a period of one week and observe any changes. If you see a big difference in your skin, you may have found the problem.


If your issue doesn’t seem to be food, check out these other common reasons for eczema flare-ups:

Harsh shampoos, cleaning products, and laundry detergent.

Lotions and perfumes containing synthetic fragrances and dye.

Jewelry – especially costume jewelry, copper, and nickel plated baubles.

• Itchy, irritating fibers, such as wool.

Medication, especially steroids, birth control, and acne medicine.


With all of that said, you now have to do some detective work to find out exactly what is triggering your eczema. But I know that in the meantime, you just want the itching to stop! A great eczema lotion should have three components:

1. The ability to penetrate deep to moisturize from within.
2. Agents that heal damaged skin.
3. Antibacterial elements to help prevent the infection of cracked skin.


Below are my favorite creams and lotions for soothing an eczema rash.

Emu Oil is the best kept secret in fighting eczema. This potent oil penetrates all three layers of the skin, has superior moisturizing ability, doesn’t clog pores and fights bacteria. What more can you ask for?

Shea Butter is another great moisturizer and not as oily as some may think. Shea butter melts on contact with your skin and penetrates deep, while providing relief to the skin’s surface. This is great for severely irritated eczema.

Sweet Almond oil, Jojoba and Avocado oils are also extremely healing and soothing. They are actually close in makeup to the skin’s natural oil and can help regulate a sebum imbalance that could be drying out your skin.

Taking Flaxseed oil in capsule or liquid form also helps to lubricate your skin from the inside.


The bottom line is that eczema can be treated without harsh medications or steroid creams. Reducing stress, removing allergens, and pampering your skin can help to place you on the road to recovery. It may take a little detective work, but the resulting calm, beautiful skin will be well worth it.




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Sister Khadija is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach with 15 years’ experience in both traditional and holistic wellness therapies. A lover of alternative health, natural beauty, detoxification and nutrition, “Woman by Nature” was founded (originally in 2006) to help Muslim women learn Whol-istic principles and tools to uncover their best selves- mind, body and spirit – with the help of Allah.