The World is Falling Down Around Us, Sis...

Are You Ready to Be Part of the Solution? 

No one will argue that we're in a state of crisis as an Ummah - as is humanity in general. Pain, suffering, and oppression is rampant. In many cases, hopelessness has set in.

It's my belief that it will take Muslim women who are emotionally healthy, spiritually connected, and mentally elevated...

... to not only heal and uplift our families, communities, and the Ummah - but the world at large.

BUT.... that starts with you committing to reconnect to, heal, and uplift your greatest asset... YOUR SOUL.

Join me and sisters from around the world for an engaging, transformative and groundbreaking 5 day challenge in which you'll learn 5 key pillars to personal freedom, emotional healing, and empowerment... how to reclaim your life - and your SOUL.

Meet Your Coach & Soul Sister in the Journey...

Welcome Sis!
My name is Khadija Abdus Sabur and I'm honored to be your guide on this journey of soul exploration, self-awareness, and empowerment!

Through immersive and soul-shifting personal development work (The "Seeker's Odyssey"), I support Muslim women just like you to heal their emotions, cleanse and elevate their souls, and discover and unleash the "Hero" within. This supports them to be empowered in their own lives, and be a light for others.

Let the journey begin!