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Woman by Nature Radio

As salaamu alaikum and welcome to Woman by Nature Radio™. I’m excited to have you here!

Alhamdulillah, I was prompted to develop this podcast for a few reasons, in order to better serve our beautiful community and connect more deeply with the sisters I serve – YOU!

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Why Radio?

One of the reasons we’re launching Woman by Nature Radio™, is due to numerous request from students and former clients. Sisters had gone through some of my group training programs, which have an audio/video component. Many of the sisters stated that they LOVED the audios MashaAllah, and felt as if they had “a private coach in their ear” who they could recall or refer to when times got tough. Some sisters even said the audio programming helped them to relax at night, or become centered and focused before a busy day, Masha Allah!

Another big reason is that although I absolutely love writing (and will definitely continue), I know that audio allows for deeper exploration of topics, more storytelling, and better allows you the listener, to absorb, retain and take action on what we share. And this is my major goal, Bi’ithnillah.

So, Woman by Nature Radio is the result of these two needs. I pray that it serves to enlighten, entertain, and support you, Insha Allah!

What Topics Will We Be Discussing?

At Woman by Nature, we’re all about real and deep transformation and development. To that end, I’ll be tackling real topics and issues that Muslim sisters encounter in the path of attaining and sustaining true health –  MIND, BODY & SPIRIT. Basically, motivation becoming your best self in all areas, and truly living your purpose ON PURPOSE.

Bookmark this page and check back often for new episodes! If you want to make sure to never miss an episode, as well as exclusive content that I share with our Inner Circle – make sure to sign up for our email updates.

I look forward to connecting with you!


In health and Iman

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