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Heal your heart, Nourish Your Soul & Elevate Your Life

Emotional & Spiritual Wellness Programs to Nourish You at every stage of Life

A Unique, Soulful Experience

Sis, I know you…

You’re the sister who seems to have it together. The wife, the doctor, the student, the involved mother, the business owner, the community volunteer, the advocate.
But despite how things look on the outside – there is something missing…
                                                                                                          You knows you’re not reaching your full potential – but you’re unsure of why.
                                                                                                          Despite that, you’re running yourself ragged – battling exhaustion and overwhelm on the daily. 
                                                                                                          Trying to ignore the unhealed wounds… mask the low self-worth… and  act as if your soul  is not crying out “ENOUGH”.
Sis… it’s time to finally put yourself… your healing… your SOUL, first.

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So many Muslim women are living as shrunken versions of themselves, due to unresolved pain, a lack of self-care, and spiritual disconnection. It’s time for a change.

Sis... You Don't Have to Feel Alone on the Journey

When you’re dealing with the impact of being disconnected from your Soul and your Lord – you can feel very alone…

Isn’t it time to reconnect to yourself… to your emotions… to your potential – and ultimately your LORD?

“During the training, I had the privilege of learning a lot of concepts which helped me to shift my mindset, reminded me to begin to rededicate myself to my Lord , helped me to reconnect to little girl within (oh how powerful and beautiful that was). I would say this was one of my AHA moments.  This spoke to me so deeply, the experience was mind-blowing.

This has paved way to my life long continuous personal and spiritual development. The course has blessed me in so many ways, knowledge, coach, soul sisters and a haven from which to continuously fill from ma shaa Allah.”


Sister Sherifaat

“I signed up for private on on one coaching with Sister Khadija and upon learning more about my struggles, she suggested that this program would complement our work together. I signed up right away, because I always trust Sister Khadija’s recommendations. My soul can decipher that her intentions come from a place of honoring other Muslimah’s souls, and that she takes the amaanah very seriously, Ma shaa Allah.

Ma shaa Allah, I loved the in depth sessions. I always learn something from these lessons that makes me a better person, and a better Muslimah. I loved the sisters group. It was a beautiful space for like minded souls. Sister Khadija’s live feedback is always on point and digs DEEP. Ma shaa Allah, she adds a lot more value than what the program costs and goes above and beyond as well in guiding you through all of the beautiful lessons.”

Sister Nadia

Healing is a Journey.

I always share with sisters that TRUE healing is a journey, and not always a linear one. But having others with you as you traverse new emotional terrain, is invaluable. Let’s climb the mountain together.


A Note From Your Coach & Soul Sister in the Journey...

As salaamu alaikum my dear soul sister…

I’m so honored that you’re here and want you to know that in THIS space, you will be seen, heard, and supported to work through your past experiences – and heal on a SOUL level, Bi’ithnillah.

I think that woman are absolutely amazing, resilient, and resourceful – and that it will take Muslim women who are emotionally healed… spiritually connected… and mentally elevated – to heal our families, uplift the Ummah, and help change the world.

But it starts WITHIN.

I’m happy to support you through our programs and coaching to reclaim yourself, your soul, and live our your highest purpose as a form of Ibaadah!


Please reach out with any questions. I can’t wait to support you on this journey, In Shaa Allah!