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Welcome to your very own Holistic Health, Wellness and                  Lifestyle Oasis on the web!  Woman by Nature is a place                             for Muslim Women – and all women, to gather, relax,                                   connect, rejuvenate, learn, and heal.

At Woman by Nature, we are committed to supporting you                    in living a natural, holistic lifestyle – supportive of mind, body                  and spirit – as Allah intended.

In the coming weeks and months, you’ll find not only scrumptious and healing recipes, but also disease prevention and healing articles, self-care tips,  and information about health and food politics. Additionally, we will be sharing beneficial  reminders, poetry and stories to help cultivate your soul as a Muslim woman on her Fitra (natural state) – a Woman by Nature.

At Woman by Nature, we adopt a WHOL-istic philosophy – meaning that all areas of your life (diet, spirituality, relationships, career, friendships, etc.) have the ability to impact your overall health.
To that end, we aim to support our sisters in complete mind-body-spirit repair, renewal and maintenance though  whol-istic articles, programs, products and services.

So go get a cup of tea, curl up in a comfy chair and stay awhile.    Welcome to your oasis – WELCOME HOME.


P.S. Have you seen our initiative to provide free emotional and spiritual wellness coaching for Muslim women? 

Take a look at our video introducing this much-needed campaign, hear from women who’s lives this course has changed – and if  supporting your Muslim sisters in need speaks to you, consider investing in your Dunya and Aakhirah by supporting  this project.

Your contribution can help a sister reclaim her life, sanity, and spiritual state – reclaim herSELF.

Jazakallhu khairan