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{Audio} Episode 001: How Living Your Purpose Changes Everything

{Audio} Episode 001: How Living Your Purpose Changes Everything

As salaamu alaikum and welcome to the introductory episode of Woman by Nature Radio!

In this first episode, we’re laying the groundwork for the show – and sister, we’re getting raw and real.

Today, I talk about my personal story of hardship and finally finding my purpose, the myth that many women labor under (maybe you are currently?)- which holds them back from health and happiness, and how truly living your purpose positively affects EVERY area of your life.

Enjoy the show, and make sure to share with other sisters!

Episode 1: How Living Your Purpose Changes Everything

by Khadija Abdus Sabur | Woman by Nature Radio


– How this new platform will contribute to YOUR elevation – Mind, Body & Spirit.

– Debunking the myth that the only way for Muslim women to receive blessings is through suffering, selflessness, or deprivation.

– How I literally “crashed and burned” in my mid twenties – and how that was actually a blessing in disguise.

– The “key to it all”, that I discovered at that time, and which continues to guide me to this day.

Leave me a comment below. What was your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? I’d love to hear from you!

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About The Author


Sister Khadija Abdus Sabur is a Transformational Coach who works with Muslim women to peel back the layers, heal old wounds and rekindle a deep sense of self-love, spirituality, and purpose - which allows them to stand up, show up, and level up in every area of life. Sister Khadija supports dynamic women who are looking to overcome their inner obstacles and commit to filling their cup first, in order to live out and share their true potential with the world. Who do you know in need of this type of transformation?


  1. Aasiyah

    Assalaamu alaykum.
    I look forward to listening to the future episodes in shaa Allah. Trying to make it a daily habit. Jazaakillaahu khayraa, may Allah allow us to return to our ultimate purpose in all spheres of life aameen.

  2. Umm Ahmad

    As salaamu alayki,

    My cousin and I listened to this podcast while she was doing my hair! This was her introduction to “Woman by Nature” and she was thoroughly welcomed. We enjoyed everything from the introduction to the end. You’ve touched based and hit home with a lot of your personal experiences and I’m sure that we can all agree in some form or fashion. Jazakillah khayra for your efforts and may Allah place your efforts and benefits on your scale of good deeds, Ameen.


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