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~Imagine a safe space to learn, grow, connect and heal – especially designed to cater to you – the Discerning Muslim Woman.

As Salaamu Alaikum and Welcome to Woman by Nature!

As Muslim women living in a modern world, we have the same need and desire for informative, factual and uplifting wellness advice as women in general, – but in an environment that honors the unique subtleties of a life and soul dedicated to pleasing Allah.

Finally, a health and wellness resource that caters to you!  – the Muslim Woman.

While there are many excellent resources on web, none address wellness from our unique perspective as Muslim women, more importantly, truly represents the intricate balance of physical and spiritual health that we seek – true WHOL-istic Health.

Woman by Nature is a Holistic Health and Lifestyle brand that promotes not only holistic living, natural beauty and healing through natural therapies – but also aids in spiritual cultivation, reconnecting to your essence as a woman and embracing your Fitra (pure nature) to become the best version of yourself.

To that end, we are developing an eclectic mix of articles, content and training to help you to embody the example of a healthy and righteous Muslim woman, inshaAllah. Please check back regularly as the site will be constantly updated, and  make sure to join the inner circle (free email group), for exclusive content and motivational material.

*Learn more about our company mission and the rich meaning of the name “Woman by Nature” here.



Official Bio

About the Company:

Woman by Nature (Holistic Health and Wellness) was founded in 2006 with the creation of a all natural, handmade boutique skin care line.

Our emphasis on pure ingredients, the use of healing herbs and botanicals, and developing decadent nourishment for the body and soul made the line an instant success Alhamdulillah.

Over the years the focus of “Woman by Nature” has broadened, with the founder having gained additional certifications (Institute for Integrative Nutrition, SUNY New York Purchase College) and expanded into the areas of Holistic Health, Disease Prevention, Mind/Body Health, Detox and Nutrition.

Alhamdulillah, our Founder has successfully developed and facilitated Holistic Lifestyle and Natural Healing programs and educational content for the general public and will now be using that experience in the development of a one-stop online Holistic Wellness Oasis for Muslim women.

At Woman by Nature, we look forward to serving Muslim women around the world and helping them to attain their best health- mind, body and spirit.


About Our Founder:

Sister Khadija is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach with 15 years’ experience in both traditional and holistic health. A lover of alternative health, natural beauty, detoxification and nutrition, “Woman by Nature” was founded (originally in 2006) to help Muslim women learn Whol-istic principles and tools to uncover their best selves- mind, body and spirit – with the help of Allah.


Sister Khadija has been blessed to acquire extensive experience in many areas of the health care industry, Alhamdulillah. After ten years in Management for a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company and clinical diagnostic laboratory, she transitioned to freelance health research and ghostwriting services, developing papers and journal articles for doctors, dermatologists and skin care developers.


An avid health enthusiast, Khadija received her certification in Holisitic Health and Nutrition in the Spring of 2013, and went on to develop innovative and effective group and individual health programs for the general public – specifically working with women suffering from chronic illness. InshaAllah, this wealth of experience will now be used to aid our Muslim sisters, by the permission of Allah.



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