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Meet Your Coach & Soul Sister In The Journey

Sister Khadija Abdus Sabur is a Transformational Coach, Certified Integrative Nutritionist, Emotional Wellness Advocate, and Spiritual Health & Holistic Lifestyle Coach. The Founder of, Sister Khadija fuses spiritual principles with practical wellness tools, and has guided scores of women to improve their connection to Allah, reclaim their health, strengthen relationships, raise spiritually minded children, develop emotional wellness, reduce overwhelm – and adopt Sacred Self Care for true wellness – mind, body & spirit.

Your Lord Did Not Create You in Vain. Isn't It Time to Finally remove the mask, overcome your trauma & Thrive?

Join the free workshop to discover how to become the "hero" in your own life - and a light for others.

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Deep dive into content on emotional healing, relationships, finding your purpose, LIVING Islam, and becoming your best self. Transformational Soul-Sessions on the go.

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Sisters Rising

When Muslim Women Heal, Grow and Thrive – Everyone Benefits.

There is a new awareness building among Muslim women the world over. In order to fulfill our highest potential as Muslim women and members of the Ummah – we must fill our cups first (mentally, emotionally, spiritually), in order to truly support others from a place of purpose and joy. I support sisters by helping them:

  • Unlock and heal emotional pain that is blocking you from love, happiness, spiritual connection & success.
  • Deepen your self-awareness, your insight into your relationships and become accountable for the way in which you show up in the world.
  • Unearth and live your purpose, serving your Lord by sharing your experience, skills, gifts, and vision.
  • Become the “Hero” in your own life, and a light for others.

Our Specialties

Healing and Personal Development Resources that support the whole woman – mind, body & Spirit

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Creating Spaces to Explore, Learn, Heal & Grow into Your Highest Self

Our in depth and transformational programs have helped hundreds of sisters gain greater clarity, self-awareness, and the confidence that they CAN heal, grow and thrive as their best selves, Bi’ithnillah.


Soul Cleanse: Spiritually Based Emotional Healing Experience

The first step in the “Seeker’s Odyssey” – this is an 8 week journey of soul centered self-discovery, emotional healing, and empowerment.

This transformative experience is based on the principles of Quran and Sunnah, Islamic Psychology, and practical application of tools that will shift your mind, soul – and life.

Your trials and trauma were not sent to break you – rather to teach you… strengthen you… and clarify your purpose.

You have to HEAL, before you can BUILD – let’s begin the journey!

Soul Cleanse Select: The "Islamic Hero's Journey"

Upon completing the Soul Cleanse 8 week emotional healing intensive, sisters progress to the next leg of the journey.

This is where BUILD.

“Select” has nothing to do with status, background, or their dunya accomplishments. Rather, It’s the simple (yet courageous) choice to dare to move out of your comfort zone, and chase your highest potential. To chose the road less traveled.

This 8 month incubator is for sisters who are ready to “answer the call to adventure”, to overcome their fears, trauma, and circumstances in service to growing into their next level – and in the process, discover their hidden strengths and unique talents, increase in their connection to Allah and ability to channel this into a purpose driven life.

To become the “Hero” in their own lives, and a light for others.

From Our Founder

Heal, Grow and Live as Your Highest Self

As salaamu alaikum! I’m Khadija Abdus Sabur, Transformational Coach here at at Woman by Nature. 

My goal is to help sisters peel back the (MANY) layers and discover the deep-rooted beliefs, patterns, and actions that are holding them back from healing emotional pain, living a spiritually focused life, and shining their light for the sake of Allah.

We do that through focusing on the WHOLE WOMAN – working in the areas of emotional wellness, spiritual connection, and mental elevation. All of this is done in a way that connects sisters back to Allah and empowers them to “fill their cup first”.

Isn’t It Time to Finally Put Yourself First?

The Power of In Depth, Transformational Coaching and Mentoring

Many sisters struggle for years – even decades before discovering the power and support of Coaching. 

As a Transformational and Leadership Development Coach, I work intimately with sisters to guide them through a process of exploration, self-discovery, healing and empowerment. We work together to identify key areas that if corrected, would support in achieving increased self-worth, a deeper spiritual connection, better relationships, more career success and the ability to unearth their true purpose.

Rewire old patterns, eliminate mindset blocks, increase self-care, heal trauma and claim your voice – all to be used for the sake of Allah.

“Khadijah, sincerely I thank you. I have bottled up most of what I was feeling for years looking for one person after another to just explode on, and then I was sent to you. I was scared at first to open up because of previous experiences but Allah made your platform a safe haven for me. What I got most from this experience is person responsibility on all levels. No matter how much I pay you, I think what you gave – by the permission of Allah, was priceless. I plan to listen to the lessons continuously as a vitamin, In sha Allah. May Allah guide you and continue to bless the work you are doing. Ameen”

Umm Asma

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When Will you Finally Get to Living - In Preraration for Dying?

by Khadija Abdus Sabur | Woman by Nature Radio

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